Running Hades’ Star on Linux in Steam

Date: 2020-09-06

This seemed harder than it should be.


First I created a new user for Steam with appropriate permissions.

sudo useradd --user-group --create-home --shell /bin/false grencez-for-games
# Give permission to play sound.
sudo usermod -a -G audio grencez-for-games

Next create a /etc/sudoers.d/grencez-for-games file with the line:

grencez ALL=(grencez-for-games) NOPASSWD: ALL

This allows me to run Steam as that user without entering a password:

sudo -u grencez-for-games -- steam

Though, you may need to add the new user to xhost permission for that to work:

# Show authorized clients.
# Add local grencez-for-games user as authorized client.
xhost +SI:localuser:grencez-for-games

For PulseAudio, you sometimes need to point the game user at your normal user’s session.

export PULSE_COOKIE=/home/grencez/.pulse/cookie
export PULSE_SERVER=unix:/run/user/$UID/pulse/native

Then I enabled Proton in Steam Play.

It gives a lot of errors, but I eventually realized that it requires Vulkan, which was just a matter of installing media-libs/vulkan-loader and media-libs/mesa with the vulkan USE flag. I configured both packages to support 32-bit for good measure.

Instead of Vulkan, I could have probably just enabled PROTON_USE_WINED3D in $HOME/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 5.0/, which I tried but forgot to rename the file to

Extra: Controller Support

You may want to use a game controller in other games. I use a Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, which is supported via the xpad kernel module. To use it with Steam, give the games user input permission:

sudo usermod -a -G input grencez-for-games

Kudos to myersguy for posting this info.

In Steam’s general controller settings, you can also disable Xbox Configuration Support. This option seems to unnecessarily require Big Picture mode.